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Mission Statement

The Mission of Animas Biological Studies is to enhance knowledge of wildlife species and their habitats through applied scientific research, to promote species conservation and sound management practices.

Animas Biological Studies (ABS) is a small organization dedicated to wildlife conservation through applied scientific research. We specialize in evaluating impacts of land-use and land management practices on wildlife populations with an emphasis on birds. A sound scientific approach allows us to address important issues affecting wildlife and provide recommendations for land management and species conservation. We conduct some of our research independently, but we also collaborate with other conservation organizations, federal and state agencies, tribes, environmental consultants and academic institutions, forming partnerships to address research questions that require a broad scope of work.

Yellow-bellied Marmot on Uncompahgre Peak

Yellow-bellied Marmot on Uncompahgre Peak

ABS is based in scenic Durango, Colorado, in the heart of the Four-Corners Region. Our research projects are focused primarily on avian species in the southwestern U.S.; however, our biologists have experience throughout the continental U.S. and western Canada with a diverse array of taxa. To learn more about ABS and its biologists, please browse through the pages of our website.

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